As an immigrant from Guatemala, I have lived in many places; few are as magical as Marin County. For the past twelve years, my husband Stephen and I have been raising our children in Mill Valley. We enjoy a quality of life here that is the envy of many. I am honored to do my part to contribute to this vibrant community.

I am running for office to continue my service to the southern Marin community. I have always worked on behalf of the public and am constantly awed by what local government can accomplish with smart dedicated leadership. For the past twenty-three years my work in local government in California has focused on ensuring our services and systems work for everyone. As a public defender, a policy advisor and a prosecutor, I have worked to bring equity, justice and opportunity to the communities I serve. 

Prior to starting a nonprofit organization, I served for over a decade as the Chief of Staff to the San Francisco District Attorney. Prior to working in the DAs office, I served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. In these roles I have been able to guide the budgetary and policy decisions of San Francisco government. I have developed deep knowledge around labor negotiations, budgeting, staffing, resource allocation, and serving a diverse community. 

These skills serve me well on the Southern Marin Fire District. During my tenure I helped expand our fire prevention efforts. We are providing critical support to residents and business to ensure we continue to meet the challenges of wildfires, COVID-19, and the need to bring greater racial and gender equity to our county. 

I am running for re-election to ensure that everyone in the district has a safe thriving community in which to live. We all deserve this!