Fire prevention must continue to be a top priority. For everyone’s safety, it is imperative that we help our district residents prepare for fire season by assisting with debris clearance, chipper days, and other strategies that prevent fires. 

We must also pull our private sector partners in to help us solve the crisis of wildfires in California. PG&E can be a better steward of their electrical infrastructure to ensure they do not start fires and that we are not exposed to widespread power outages. 

I am a strong supporter of Measure U. It has enabled us to expand our fire prevention efforts and provide greater resiliency to our community. I will continue to advocate for fire prevention programs that increase our community resilience. 

Measure U enabled us to set up a new Fire Prevention Division that works in partnership with residents of the District to keep us safe. We now have a Vegetation Management Specialist, an Occupancy Compliance Inspector, and a dedicated Fire Prevention Specialist.